About Dr. Perry

Dr. Eric Perry specializes in a solution-focused and results-driven approach to coaching. He is committed to providing clients with a logical and linear strategy to help them achieve their desired goals. Dr. Perry's coaching expertise consists of relationships, anxiety, performance, career development, health, and happiness. 


He also coaches individuals who are believed to have narcissistic tendencies to “own their stuff” in order to live a more empathic, compassionate, and fulfilling life. Further, Dr. Perry coaches individuals who are in or out of a relationship with a narcissist to set boundaries, make sense of their experiences, and strategize about their future. 


His clients are individuals from all walks of life. If you are striving to improve your relationships, start a business, learn tools to manage stress, or simply want to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life, Dr. Perry's practical approach to coaching can help you reach your goals.


Dr. Perry's educational background consists of a BA in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. He has extensive experience and training in the field of mental health. His many leadership positions include Honor Society President in Psychology and President of his Ph.D. class. He also holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

He discovered early in his clinical training that one of his many strengths is helping others set, achieve, and maintain personal and professional goals. Because these services can be offered outside of the paradigm of therapy, Dr. Perry created worldwide coaching to support those who feel they can benefit from his experience and expertise.